Residents vow to fight

The residents of Kyneton’s oldest street are readying their pitchforks to greet council contractors planning to dig up their street’s heritage bluestone guttering.
Macedon Ranges Shire Council has plans to dig up and relay the bluestone gutters in a new configuration along the east side of Edgecombe Street where the bluestones were the first to be laid in Kyneton in 1859.
Both Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School and the new Kyneton Primary School are located along the west side of the street.
Matthew Irving, council’s manager of engineering and projects, said the proposed works were required to address safety, access for all abilities and drainage concerns.
“The original notification in 2017 identified seal widening and road/drainage renewal works on the east side of Edgecombe Street,” Mr Irving said.
“Renewal works on the bluestone kerbing is required to facilitate this renewal work.”
The residents, however, are vowing to prevent any such works taking place.
“We will protect this heritage asset,” group spokesperson Helen Gillis said.
“Since the new Kyneton Primary School has been built on vacant land, this new use of land requires the upgrade of the street, which intends to impact on our heritage built streetscape environment.”
The residents have banded together to protect the gutters.
They are now looking forward to being given a date from council for the works to commence.
“We’d like to organise some catering!” they said.
Mr Irving said tenders for the contract were currently under evaluation, with works scheduled to be delivered in April / May, following the tender evaluation process.

One thought on “Residents vow to fight

  • March 13, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    Use some initiative and renew up to the edge of the Bluestone or lift,fix and re lay!.
    People come from near and far to see,photograph,sketch and paint historical aspects of our old towns. It also keeps an historical aspect in homage to those who built it. Our history is short enough,we dont need to destroy it anywhere we can.


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