Seeds of kindness

The Express recently shared the story of two local youngsters who were left devastated after someone stole eight plants and the proceeds from their roadside stall at Harcourt North just before Christmas.
The story about Harper and Quinn Vance, who had initially set up their little stall to catch traffic on the way to Mount Alexander during the COVID lockdown and to make bit of pocket money, really struck a chord with our readers.
So much so that a generous local couple, Gerry and Lynne from the Maldon region, wanted to set things right and kindly made contact with the Express to arrange the delivery of two cards to our Castlemaine office containing $35 each to brighten the day of the hard-working local sisters.
Quinn and Harper’s proud mum Stacey Kelly said her girls were shocked and disappointed when the succulent plants they had learned to carefully cultivate and tend with the support of their grandmother were stolen, but the generous gift from the local ‘Good Samaritans’ had delighted the girls and restored their faith in community.
“The girls have been really touched by the outpouring of support they have received from well-wishers since the story ran,” Stacey said.
“They have had some lovely notes of support from community members and classmates and this really took the cake. It absolutely made their day. They were smiling from ear to ear.”
Gerry said he was impressed by the girls’ enterprising spirit and did not want to see them deterred by the unfortunate incident.
“It’s wonderful what they are doing and it will stand them in good stead for the future. We hope our little gift will encourage them not to give up and to keep pushing forward,” he said.

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