Sheeran rumours mount

Has Ed Sheeran made a $9 million offer on local real estate or is this rumour part of a great marketing strategy?
Melbourne radio station KIIS FM last week claimed to have local information that the British singer had made an offer on a Mount Macedon estate.
“He’s been quoted countless times saying how much he loves his visits Down Under, and it looks like he is finally ready to make the leap,” they stated.
Excitement has been swirling about the pop star’s potential purchase which follows Sheeran’s intimate gig atop Hanging Rock last year that brought worldwide attention to the region.
There are several high-end properties on the market but few that are expected to fetch $9M, and real estate agents approached by the Express were unable to provide clarity.
Abercromby’s Real Estate’s Jock Langley, who is the agent selling Mount Macedon’s Cameron Lodge, said he couldn’t confirm or deny the rumours but did reveal why so many high-profile people want what the region has to offer.
“The livability of the Macedon Ranges is extraordinary. Anything from Gisborne to Kyneton, from Romsey to Daylsford: it’s really hot property,” he said.
“The Macedon Range offers affordable living but it’s a high-end life-style – there are great restaurants, wineries, schools, it has a good train service and it’s commutable.
“There are a lot of high-profile people that have now got real estate in the Macedon Ranges. That’s going to continue to happen from our point of view. We love the Macedon Ranges – I could see no reason why he (Sheeran) wouldn’t want to be a part of it.”

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