Shortsighted view

Trevor A Scott, Central Victoria Climate Action, Castlemaine

An open letter to federal opposition leader Bill Shorten re. “Adani Coal Mine won’t affect emissions”.
I understand that school children, striking in Melbourne to bring attention to government inaction on Climate Change, were shut out of your Moonee Ponds office. The Coalition does not have a plan to address the climate emergency so I would have expected this reaction from the PM, but certainly not from you!
Last week you were reported to have said “I believe that our policies on renewable energy will actually reduce our emissions. The actual decision about Adani is not going to affect Australian emissions”. This may be true but it certainly is a very shortsighted view of the problem.
Firstly, as far as I know, your recent policy to reduce emissions, does not include a transition plan to close our coal fired power stations. Secondly it is our coal that Adani will be mining; and thirdly the climate emergency is a world problem and it is global emissions that are driving Climate Change.
What is the point of saying you are committed to saving the Great Barrier Reef, or reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent if you’re going to overlook the number one suspect, which is, of course, the proposed Adani coal mine.

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