Still waiting

Russell S Mowatt, public liaison officer, Calder Action Group Inc

Dear Natalie Hutchins MP for Sydenham and Josh Bull MP State Member for Sunbury, firstly congratulations on both of you for your recent election victory and another four years in state government.
As you might not be aware there was a great news announcement for the Calder Freeway from the federal government last week.
Our community pleas and combined efforts from all stakeholders have been finally listened to with this funding announcement for the Calder Freeway to the tune of $50 million. This is a great start to address the serious congestion and safety issues on this section of the Calder Freeway.
We look forward to an equal funding announcement or better from the Victorian state government working in partnership with the federal government.
After all your slogan of ‘Getting Things Done’ now resides at the forefront so we as a community are ‘Still Waiting’ to get things done on the Calder Freeway.

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