Still waiting

Nikki Medwell, Elphinstone

The state government published an ATCW (Authority To Control Wildlife) review for public feedback with submissions closing June 29. This document promised “transparency”.
I raised numerous questions and concerns in writing with both the office of Lily D’Ambrosio MP and the office of local MP Mary-Anne Thomas.
Both offices promise transparency yet I received nothing from either. A generic letter from DELWP with some general points and thanking me was it.
What was boiled down to ONE question out of 62 has still remained unanswered.
Why would the Labor government allow this to be documented in writing, in an official review, sanctioned by these MPs’ offices, and put out to the public if it was never even considered as an option?
Page 31: of the ATCW review –
“Not allowing the rehabilitation of eastern grey kangaroos or other overabundant species” (Thus expecting members of the public, the police and wildlife carers to kill all viable joeys).
According to Ms Thomas’s office the person that included this point isn’t available and the office of The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio MP asked me to AGAIN put it in writing.
When I ask to have my responses in writing I am told they are under no obligation to do so.
Politicians should be able to explain their reviews and possible changes to policy. If they can’t, then who is really pulling the strings?
I’m still waiting.

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