Surprise musical legacy for the men

It’s not every day you get left a surprising musical legacy.
When dedicated Castlemaine Men’s Shed member Lindesay Hart passed away earlier this year he left a bequest for his mates at the shed – the entire contents of his own home shed.
Turns out Lindesay’s shed contained a wide range of goods ranging from useful power and hand tools to shelving and assorted retro items.
Many of the items were exactly what you’d expect to find in any bloke’s shed – but there was also a surprise in the shape of three large boxes containing antique sheet music.
Famed yesteryear composers like Mozart, Liszt, Wagner, Schumann, Beethoven and Bach were represented among the three large boxfuls of sheet music for piano from the latter part of the 19th century.
“He was a good bloke,” shed communications officer Terry Hodgkins said of the late Mr Hart who had worked with racing cars as a mechanical engineer before his retirement life in the Castlemaine area.
“We don’t know whether he could play piano or not,” Terry said.
Now the men of the local shed are busy trying to establish exactly what the impressive collection of yesteryear sheet music is worth.
Terry has been busy conducting his own online research and also photographing the covers and sample pages of each manuscript to assist in his national and international lines of inquiry.
While his enquiries are so far focusing on net-based efforts, Terry said any information from local residents who know about such things would be welcome.
“Anyone with information is welcome to contact the Men’s Shed which is open from 9am on Fridays,” he said.
Terry said he was more than a bit surprised when the boxes were opened to reveal the manuscripts within – some beautifully illustrated.
“I thought that’s history there, that’s got to be kept, and I’ve been more impressed the more I go into it,” he said.
“The other thing is that it should go to a good home.
“One of our members can play the piano beautifully but he can’t read sheet music.”
And while the men at the local shed will keep some of the pieces left in Lindesay’s kind bequest, others are set to be offered up as part of a clearing sale this Saturday December 15 with help from Maltby Property.

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