The simple joy of walking

Marita Brown is one of the original Lancefield ‘Movers and Shakers’.
She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 18 years ago but it hasn’t stopped her from forming a local walking group, and now signing on for Parkinson’s Victoria’s A Walk in the Park for the eighth time.
The Melbourne walk raises funds to improve the quality of life of the Parkinson’s community and celebrates 10 years on August 26, when Marita will be taking part in the 4km challenge.
Slowed movement, stiff muscles and changes to posture affect all people living with Parkinson’s and the walk is a poignant reminder of the simple joy of walking that many people with Parkinson’s fight to maintain.
“It impacts life in such a way that nothing is normal,” Marita said.
“Simple things like preparing a meal I can no longer do without help and, socially, I can’t go out without a lot of planning. The ordinary things that people take in their stride are more of a mountain for me….and then there is the embarrassment of having the shakes in public.”
To connect with people facing the same daily challenges, Marita helped form the Parkinson’s Support Group in Lancefield about 10 years ago. It now has 20 members and involves a range of activities from singing to exercise.
Marita and members of this group will take part in A Walk in Park joined by family and friends including Marita’s partner Ian, and children Lucy and Adam.
Marita has so far raised $5500. To add to this total make a donation at

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