Thieves exploit honesty system

Two local children have been left devastated after someone stole plants from their roadside stall at Harcourt North just before Christmas.
Harper and Quinn Vance set up their little stall to catch traffic on the way to Mount Alexander during the COVID lockdown and were selling produce such as lemons, olives and plants to make bit of pocket money.
But on December 12, eight of their carefully tended succulent plants were taken and no money was left, or, if it was, the money was subsequently stolen.
Mum Stacey Kelly said her girls were shocked and disappointed.
“It’s disappointing that someone would exploit the honesty system that has been a tradition in regional areas for countless years. You can clearly see the stall belongs to children. My youngest in particular was really upset,” Stacey said.
Chatting to other stallholders in the area, Stacey said theft appeared to be becoming an issue, with people not only taking goods but also stealing the money paid by other well-meaning buyers.
“The girls have put in a lot of time and effort and love checking it daily. It’s extremely disappointing.”
But the proud mum said they would not be deterred.
“They plan to continue. They won’t let this setback stop them,” she said.

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