Tigers need help

Doubt over the future survival of Lancefield Football Netball Club prompted a special meeting last week.
Put simply, this important sporting and social institution in Lancefield needs much more assistance from many more people.
More than 30 enthusiasts attended, including several former Tiger presidents and office-bearers.
There were plenty of ideas tossed around, and club president Clark Todd was emphatic the club would continue to operate in 2020 and beyond.
“We just want some help from the community to take us forward,” he declared.
Nicholas Walsh, who has been closely involve with the club and community for some years, suggested the club was unsustainable unless there were changes, drawing attention to recent poor local support at several matches.
The scenario of “we aren’t winning, why should I go?” emerged as an obstacle to getting more spectators at matches.
“What are we going to do about it? It can’t go on the way it is,” he said.
It emerged that changing leagues, or considering amalgamation, had been suggested; Lancefield is as relatively small town in comparison to some others that are growing faster in the RDFNL area; there are fewer businesses to provide sponsorship.
Social change, economics, geographic isolation and quality of facilities emerged in discussions.
Some felt Lancefield Park missed grants because it was not a shire-run facility, but others felt there were avenues to pursue. Players who have been loyal to Lancefield in football and netball were praised; there are talented players living in the district who play elsewhere.
New lights would be a major step forward, and they are likely to cost around $250,000 unless some improvisation can take place.
Lancefield last won a senior flag in 2019, and current playing coach Chris Collins suggested at least four key position players were needed to make the Tigers competitive next season.
On a positive note, it was disclosed the club was in a relatively sound financial position, with debts from several years ago erased.
Former president Ian Brown urged everyone involved to “remain positive”.
Player retention for next season is very high, and fielding Under 19s after a long absence was a positive.
User groups in Lancefield working together in the future was seen as a way forward, and it was clear sub-committees were needed.
$5000 Pledge
“Put me down for $5000,” was the very generous pledge from long-time loyal supporter and sponsor Ken Rose when future finances were raised late in the meeting.
Mr Rose, a Kyneton resident, ran a successful septic tank cleaning service business for many years and his son, Peter, was a member of Lancefield’s 1996 premiership side.
The generous offer was warmly welcomed.
The club welcomes approaches from anyone who can help in any way; there are plenty of match-day duties that can be undertaken for starters.

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