Time travel team launches series

A friendship formed playing and coaching basketball has led to a children’s book series collaboration between two talented Macedon Ranges men.
Chris ‘Roy’ Taylor (Woodend artist, illustrator and author) and James Crabtree (Kyneton writer), are the creators of the recently released Tina and Tom’s Time Travelling Toilet, which combines some brilliant moments in history with rip roaring comedy.
Fact and history are brought to life by way of two kids, their trusty dog and, of course, a time travelling toilet.
Chris explained that his background as a cartoonist and gag writer combined with James’s narrative writing and a shared sense of humour gelled on the project.
“James grew up in England and my parents are both English, so we grew up watching The Goodies and really connect with that absurd and childish humour,” he said.
“And our ’80s upbringing watching Back to the Future and those films have all filtered into this book.”
James said that while the book was for children there were plenty of nods to what parents would enjoy.
“We were really thinking of them reading to their kids and getting a kick out of it as well,” he said.
Chris and James have children of the same ages – a girl and a boy each – who have road tested the chapters.
“Most books out there are either boy or girl books, and we wanted to make this one attractive to both sexes,” Chris said.
“The characters are a bit geeky but they’re fearless at the same time, Tina is tough and loves everything the boys do,” James added.
Tina and Tom’s Time Travelling Toilet is the first in a collection of books, published by Lake Press and available nationwide.
Books can be ordered from local bookstores or from Tina and Tom’s website at www.tinaandtoms.com. Fans can also subscribe and join Tina and Tom’s very secret mailing list to get the latest updates, book announcements, competitions, free activities and giveaways.

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