Too hot to bear…

While we humans have felt we’re sweltering in the prolonged heatwave in central Victoria, spare a thought for northern Victoria residents where the prolonged hot spell has seen numerous days since Christmas with temperatures in the 40s and more than once peaking at 47 degrees.
Heat like that takes its toll on every living thing – our native animals included.
And that’s where volunteer wildlife rescuers from the Macedon Ranges have stepped in to help their counterparts at Dutch Thunder Wildlife Shelter in Koonoomoo in the north of the state.
More than 30 heat-stressed koalas have come into the care of that shelter in just a matter of weeks and with them, eight baby koalas as well.
Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network’s Sue Anderson said their offer to help to build more enclosures to house the koalas was welcomed and the weekend before last she and her co-volunteers helped construct extra koala accommodation at the shelter.
The koalas now have plenty of space to recover and be cared for until the heat danger period passes and they can again enjoy their own wild bush habitat.
If anyone would like to help Dutch Thunder Rescue or the Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network care for the koalas go to their website or facebook pages.

Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network's Sue Anderson.
Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network’s Sue Anderson.
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