Total paralysis

Hans Paas, Castlemaine

The tale of woe ‘Back on the air!’ (Express, January 15) is more evidence that the NBN, a.k.a. ‘No bloody network’, is really a government scam. Ever since its introduction it has sucked billions from the public purse and made hostages of businesses and private communications users alike. We have long since given up trying to get at the truth.
This became evident when the NBN spent our money on advertisements telling us how fantastic the NBN was at the same time as they told us that if we have any problems not to call the NBN.
The cost to business of an unreliable internet and the compromise of community safety represented by an unreliable ‘landline’ service will never be known.
Neither of the major parties have clean hands but it is hoped that with a change of government the mess created by fibre to the node and other hybrids will be cleaned up. Maybe one day we will be offered an ‘upgrade’ that no longer strikes fear in the hearts of consumers and actually leads to a service improvement rather than total paralysis.

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