Trains a disgrace

Is it too much to ask that a traveller on a train is able to see out the window?
Kyneton resident Rupert Dalley doesn’t think so, which is why he’s been writing to the Minister for Transport Jacinta Allan, and Public Transport Victoria, to express his disgust with the state of our trains.
Mr Dalley, who pays extra in order to travel first class, most recently caught the 10.13am train from Kyneton to Southern Cross station on June 6. The train comes from Echuca and is of older stock than some of the newer V’Locity trains.
“The cleanliness of the train was a disgrace. There was grime all over the exterior of the carriage and the windows were the same with the consequence that the sun shining on them made it almost impossible to see out,” Mr Dalley said.
“The rolling stock that we are expected to travel in is a joke. Built in the 1970s, it is old, dated, bounces about so much that it is almost impossible to read, the heating and cooling work if you are lucky and there are odours that are most unpleasant.”
Mr Dalley first wrote to the minister in February of last year, and again in October, but says nothing has changed in all that time.
He is also frustrated with trains running late and a lack of seating.
“Public transport would be a far better option for me it it was modern, frequent, clean and reliable but on the Bendigo line none of these four standards are met.”
A V/Line spokesperson said V/Line wished to apologise for the presentation of some of their classic fleet trains of late, as their train wash plant had been undergoing extensive repairs.
“With the train wash plant now back up and running, we have an immediate plan to rectify this to ensure there is a noticeable improvement in the cleanliness and presentation of our classic fleet to meet passenger expectations,” the spokesperson said.
“We have developed an external clean and polish program, which will return the classic fleet to a very clean condition and the wash plant will maintain the external cleanliness.”
The spokesperson said this program was due to get underway early next month so passengers will see a noticeable improvement shortly.

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