Universal income

Maria and Nigel Hoffmann, Kyneton

Just a passing comment on the ‘Meet the Politicians’ evenings.
The three parties declared that they will create more jobs. In our day and age such a pronouncement sounds really childish.
The community deserves to move beyond the tyranny of provided jobs that serve the few at the top and move on toward a healthy universal income.
This is fair and right because all existing money, accumulated by the few, was in reality created by the hard work of all our ancestors and as such is heritage property belonging to each and every individual of the community.
This support for the individual could allow each responsible citizen to create their own unique service to the community out of their own sense of responsibility and freedom.
Another childish political offer was free education for courses that will supply workers needed for the current industries. In our day and age couldn’t we all support everyone who has a passion for any subject?
We need more nights together sharing our personal discoveries, listening and being exposed to age-old and current artistic-scientific creations without being limited by government policies and spoonfed public and private entertainment.
Just quickly, a burning question: why are army university degree courses being offered for free while civilians’ higher education is considered a private wish, not a service, to be paid for privately?
Meanwhile the rules of war seem to have been abolished and civilians are the main target and form the majority of casualties in modern warfare.

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