Urgent repair order

Heritage Victoria has demanded the owners of the old Kyneton Hospital secure and protect the historic site or face large fines.
Heritage Victoria served the Show Cause Notice to the site owners on August 3 for allowing the place to fall into disrepair to the extent that its conservation is threatened.
The Kyneton Hospital is one of the earliest of a group of Victorian country hospitals built in the early 1850s and 1860s. It is of State significance and is included in the Victorian Heritage Register for its historical, social and architectural importance.
The owners have been directed to erect security fencing around buildings, secure the rear window of building B1, repair the first floor bathroom skylight to building B1 and remove graffiti from all buildings.
Macedon MP Mary-Anne Thomas said the government was cracking down on developers who flouted Victoria’s heritage protection, with the introduction of the Heritage Act 2017 in November last year.
The Act sets out new compliance and enforcement powers and doubles the maximum penalties for unauthorised works to heritage places.
Failure to adequately secure a heritage place is a breach of the Act.
The maximum penalty for knowingly or recklessly removing, demolishing, damaging or excavating a registered heritage place is $746,208 or five years prison for an individual or fines of up to $1.49 million for a body corporate.
“The old Kyneton Hospital site holds significance for the town, so to see it fall into disrepair is incredibly concerning,” Ms Thomas said.
“The Andrews Labor Government legislated to protect Victoria’s heritage. I want to thank Heritage Victoria and I urge the owners of the site to take immediate action.”

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