Welcome revival for festival photography

Photography with a sense of intrigue captured the attention of judges at this year’s Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival.
The two competitions received 44 entries spanning a range of subjects and are still on show.
Gina Auciello won the Open Competition festival prize of $250 for ‘Nature and Rays’ – a nature-based composition with eye-drawing patterns of the sunlight and the leaves.
The runner-up festival prize of $100 went to ‘Wallace in Snow’ – an appealing cattle portrait while Bettina Ralph’s close-up of the bird, ‘Koukla’, was highly recommended.
The Blackhill Photography Competition was a special event with prizes financed by the Friends of Blackhill to commemorate 40 years.
There was an emphasis on nature and the unique atmosphere of this special place in the photographs presented.
Bettina Ralph won first prize ($250) for her entry of ‘Hidey Hole’ which featured close-up textures of a special place in Blackhill.
‘Rockface After the Fire’, a black and white composition by Neil Cash, won the runner-up $100 prize, while Katy Condliffe’s portrait, ‘Watching Time Grow’, featuring a child’s joy in nature, was highly recommended.
The competition and the exhibition of photography entries have been handled by Rhain DiPilla, the manager of The Old Auction House, and are on display there until September 23, at 52-56 Mollison Street, Kyneton.
Come along, enjoy looking at the photographs, and put in your entry for the ‘People’s Choice’.

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