Western Water extends consultation for Deep Creek recycled water discharge

Western Water has announced it will extend the consultation period for its planned temporary Class B recycled water discharge into Deep Creek at Romsey until October 21.
The new deadline follows feedback from customers and community members keen to learn more about the proposed release.
Western Water will be directly engaging with customers and local residents situated within 2km of the proposed discharge location. Residents situated up to 10km from the proposed discharge can find out more about the proposals by contacting Western Water at feedback@westernwater.com.au.
Western Water held an initial community consultation session in Romsey in August to provide customers with a forum to discuss the proposed discharge of recycled water into Deep Creek.
However, to ensure those people who were unable to attend the previous session are given the opportunity to comment, Western Water will now extend the duration of the consultation period.
Graham Holt, general manager of customer relations and operations, said that due to a surplus of recycled water, Western Water needed to safely release the excess water produced at the recycled water plant in Portingales Lane, Romsey that couldn’t be stored.
“Growth in our service region has meant the quantity of recycled water we are producing has increased rapidly,” Mr Holt said.
“This, combined with the limited availability of land ready for irrigation, means we need to consider alternative options to release the excess water.
“It’s important to note that, if this discharge is approved by the EPA, it is only temporary, and will be closely controlled in line with requirements set down by the EPA.
“The proposed discharge will continue until no later than October 2021.
“Throughout this time, Western Water will be undertaking an extensive monitoring and testing program to carefully manage the discharge,” he said.
Western Water will need to obtain approval from the EPA to discharge recycled water into Deep Creek.
Western Water produces three classes of recycled water; Class A, B and C, based on the level of treatment and the quality of recycled water produced. Class B recycled water is proposed to be discharged into Deep Creek. To reach Class B status, the wastewater undergoes a three-stage treatment process over a 90 to 100-day period.
Before applying to the EPA, Western Water will take all community feedback into consideration.
To find out more, visit WesternWater.com.au, or to have your say on the proposals, send an email to feedback@westernwater.com.au

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