What are the facts?

Darcy Black, Kyneton

So Greg O’Brien has revealed himself as one of the trio who make up the mysterious KARIG (‘Health risks real’, Opinions, March 19).
One fact that Mr O’Brien will not tell you in his so-called ‘information sheet’ is that he purchased a property at the wrong end of George Street, blissfully unaware that the house was at the end of a runway. So much for his research abilities.
Moreover, what his information sheet also fails to mention is that his property is within metres of the Calder Freeway Kyneton bypass. A major state transport link operating 24 hours a day, every day of the year without pause. That is the buffer between him and the Kyneton Airfield.
Ask yourself, which is the greater health risk, continuous petrol and diesel emissions particularly form heavy trucks or the occasional light aircraft?
Any concern for the health of Kyneton residents is disingenuous.

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