What hope is there?

Jill Loorham, Castlemaine

Until we stop using our cars, it is pointless to point a finger at coal-powered electricity production. The worst environment pollution to our world is caused by every person who drives a motorised vehicle – and I am one of those people.
What is the alternative however, in this country we live in, when most of us live too far from public transport to consider it an alternative (or it is unworkable practically) and where current freeway construction claims most of the Victorian tax dollar.
Short of moving north to live in a new abode within ‘Cooee’ of shops, work, schools (and everything else I take for granted), I can see no solution.
As well, the ever-increasing population of Australia and the rest of the world, continues to exacerbate environmental degradation with the side-bar being massive, world-wide malnutrition.
The answers are not simple, nor are environment problems singular.
Politicians are reluctant to talk about, let alone investigate, real solutions, even if they could think of them.
Questions I ask myself:
Can I drive to the local shops?
Can I sell my car and catch a bus?
Can I influence population?
Can I keep warm in winter without heating?
The answer to all of these questions is ‘No’.
And so if I, a person who sees the problems but cannot individually or easily change my behaviours, what hope is there for anyone or everyone else to do so?
Arguments between believers and non-believers are pointless: strangely, I thought these were words for religious or non-religious people.
I would like to be able to answer those earlier questions with a resounding ‘Yes’. Sadly I think it won’t happen in my lifetime.

One thought on “What hope is there?

  • September 11, 2018 at 5:07 pm

    Jill you are correct – it is difficult. Is it a problem that is going to go away? Of course not.

    Climate change denial is a silly sideshow that is best ignored.


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