Where does it go?

Chris Hooper, Castlemaine

I wonder if the woman banned from the Castlemaine landfill asked too many questions about recycling (‘Banned from the tip’, Opinions, March 5).
We used to be able to leave electrical items closer to the entrance where they were collected to be opened up to remove the metals in the wiring etc.
Does that happen now? It seems not.
Last time I went there you could ‘dump’ stuff toward the back of the cleared area from a height into what looks like a roofless metal container below. Where does this go? It would be good to know what accepted tender offers will be doing out there. It’s not just a matter of dumping everything in a hole.
Times have changed and I wait for a true recycling ‘tip’ where things can be acquired to be reused or go to a place where they will be made into something else to be used.

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