Woodend designer builds new sustainable brand

Woodend designer Bree Cresp has combined her skill for dressmaking and passion for the environment to make a difference.
Her new eco fashion label Get Conscious produces quality and quirky ethical clothing with sustainability at its core but it needs community support to launch.
Bree has begun a Kickstarter campaign with a goal to raise $20,000 to make it all a reality.
“The idea for Get Conscious was born after a few sleepless nights researching the environmental damage caused by our society’s desire for fast and disposable fashion,” Bree said.
“I had been making custom clothing for a few years, and was becoming increasingly disturbed by the amount of waste I was producing. After researching the environmental impacts of the fashion industry I was horrified.”
From the pesticides used to grow cotton to the amount of excess fabric going to landfill, Bree knew she wanted to see change.
“I decided I could do something to make a difference, by creating with sustainable fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton and linens that are certified organic and dyed with natural dyes,” she said.
Bree spent the past six months researching fabrics, suppliers and ways to create a transparent and accountable supply chain. She has selected Australian-owned textile suppliers with ethics that align with her brand.
Finding organic fabrics in Australia has been one of Bree’s biggest challenges so far as well as an inability to meet suppliers face to face and viewing the fabrics in person due to the pandemic.
Bree acknowledges that beginning a business in the middle of a pandemic “seems a little crazy” but felt it was the right time to act.
“I understand that a lot of people are focused on lockdowns, staying safe and keeping their jobs, but I also know that a lot of people what to see a change being made towards local jobs, local products and creating a more sustainable lifestyle,” she said.
“I think the pandemic has shown us, as a nation, how reliant we have been on importing cheap products from overseas and that we need to invest more money on production in Australia, and be more considered in our purchasing choices.”
Bree is proud to say Get Conscious is handmade in Australia using fabrics and threads that are recycled, biodegradable, produced using sustainable practices and with an aim towards zero waste.
Inspired by the ease of Japanese streetwear, the label offers a range of genderless, simple and effortlessly stylish pieces.
Bree aims to officially launch the brand next year but is already taking and working to fill orders through her Kickstarter campaign. She will soon apply for accreditation through Ethical Clothing Australia.
“So far the feedback has been great, especially from the Macedon Ranges locals. I think we all like to see someone from our community working to make a difference,” she said.
As of yesterday, Bree had 13 backers pledging $2461 towards her $20,000 goal to help the brand kick off. People can support Bree’s label by donating via kickstarter.com/projects/lulurocketretro/get-conscious

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