World in crisis

Helen Seligman, Barkers Creek

The world is in crisis. A crisis far broader and more dangerous than anything we’ve ever known. Let’s stop the mindless ping pong of left /right politics and behave like the intelligent adults that we are. Let’s work together to combat global warming now.
There is no time to lose… perhaps it’s already too late. Already millions of people on low-lying islands are unable to grow their own food because of rising salt levels.
Every day we hear of new disasters, floods in Kerala, drought-stricken farmers in Australia, this list goes on and on. If we don’t urgently act now the current global refugee crisis will fade into insignificance.
The writing is on the wall and I’m scared. I implore everyone to pull together, especially our new cabinet ministers and politicians on both side of the bench, to join forces and do everything humanly possible to save the day.
We are a sunburnt country and a clever nation. Renewable energy industries have the potential to provide employment and economic growth. Australia could lead the way but it will need a huge mind shift.
The first step must be to stop Adani and our reliance on fossil fuels. And in the process save our national heritage, the Great Barrier Reef. Thank you for everything you already do.

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